Week 3 – Scratch Beginners – Ghostcatcher

Hello Everyone

Hope you are enjoying the Halloween break.

Great to see so many of you there on Saturday, especially since it was a bank holiday weekend.

This week we created a Ghostcatcher game. We used the paint editor in Scratch for the first time. As I said on Saturday, It makes things easier if you think in shapes.


Using the code we have learnt so far, we moved the Ghostcatcher with the mouse and the Ghosts randomly. We also added sounded and score.


For those of you who would like to add more complexity, I have a couple of ideas at the end of the notes. Give it a go and if you need any help, just ask myself or one of the mentors at the beginning of the next session.

P.S. No session next week, hope you have fun over the Halloween and we will see you back on the 8th.


Here are this weeks notes in PDF. CDA-S4-Week_03-Ghostcatcher.pdf

Topic 4: Planning and Building a Complex Structure Mod in Minecraft

PyrimidInside This week we have one main goal: build a substantial mod in ScriptCraft that, when you run it, will create an impressive-looking structure! This will include:

You might find it helpful to work in pairs on designing and coding your mods. During the session, I will ask people to load their mods onto my computer, demo them to the group, and explain how their code works. To get things started, at the top and bottom of this post are pictures of mods created by Ruaidhri and Luke. We will take a look at how they work.


Practical notes:

  • During development and testing, you can end up with lots of incomplete structures that slow down your CraftBukkit server. A simple fix is to delete your world:
    • Stop your CraftBukkit server
    • Open the CraftBukkit folder on your computer: in it you will see folders called world and possibly world_nether and world_the_end delete them all
    • While you are at it, edit server.properties in the CraftBukkit folder to make your new world superflat, write level-type=flat and you could also change other properties such as spawn-monsters=false
    • Restart your CraftBukkit folder to create a new, empty world
    • Re-run your scripts to recreate structures that you want
  • Read the ScriptCraftJS API reference to see what commands you can use for your structures: https://github.com/walterhiggins/ScriptCraft/blob/master/docs/api.md

Scratch Beginners – Ghostcatcher Game

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone that showed up today. Again, a big thank you to Julie for taking the session last week.

This week, we built a new game which we were calling “Ghostcatcher” We used code that we have learnt over the last two weeks and again used variables. We will continue to do this over the next couple of weeks, we will make new games but will continue to go over the basic programming concepts each week.

This was our first time creating our own Sprite rather than using one from the library. The paint editor can be great fun and you should experiment with it, creating lots of new Sprites.

Remember ! think in shapes, like we did with the ghost.


A pdf version of the full notes from todays session can be found here: CDA-S3-Challenge03-GhostCatcher.pdf

Try adding your own variables, the code is there for you to look at but why not have a go at it yourself first.

No Coderdojo Athenry next week but hope to see you all back the following Saturday the 27th.

Enjoy the Halloween break!



Python Beginners – Week 3: Functions

This week the Python group looked at Functions, Escape Characters and Boolean Operators. We also started to rewrite the Dragon’s Realm game which we will continue with after the break. Don’t forget to look at chapters 5 and 6 of “Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python” http://inventwithpython.com/chapter5.html . Here are my slides from today- python session3

Beginners Scratch – Challenge 3 – Have Fun With Animation

This week, the lead mentor was Eamonn Hannon, who did a great job.

The challenge this week was to work on animation projects. The basis for this week’s challenge were examples in Scratch Example Animations folder: Playground and Fun with Animation.

Coding concepts that we discussed included:

  1. Animation
  2. Loops
  3. Creativity, planning and drawing

Here are the notes from the day (PDF): CDA-S2-Challenge03-Animation.pdf

If you would like us to send you the PowerPoint slides of my notes, get in touch via twitter or by leaving a comment.

Advanced Scratch – Week 3 – More Crazy Images.

We are going to be in a seperate room this Satruday, next to the main room. This will give us a chance to complete what we started last week and go on to some more Art, using the Stamp Tool.

What we are going to learn this week…

  • Stamping!
  • Random Numbers
  • Truchet Tiling – these are cool…:)
  • Saving Images created in Scratch to Picture files on your Computer.

I have updated the Week 2 page with all Code from my Project to create the Spirals.


This is when you get really angry… Or in Scratch it’s when you copy the Sprite to the Background.

Here is a simple example, using the cat and some spiraling code…

And the same code with a Bat…

And here is the code that makes the pictures above. Can you spot anything that might be better as a variable or a Slider?

Random Numbers.

We are going to use a random number in the Truchet pattern that we are going to draw, this will make the pattern generated different every time.

Truchet Tiling.

From Wikipeadia:

One particular pattern that he studied involved square tiles split by a diagonal line into two triangles, decorated in contrasting colors. By placing these tiles in different orientations with respect to each other, as part of a square tiling, Truchet observed that many different patterns could be formed.”

And here are a couple of samples of what they end up looking like…

Saving Images created in Scratch to Picture files on your Computer.