Modellers – Week 14

This week, we finished our apple project started in week 12. We took the images we’d made and stencil painted them onto our apple model.

Here are the video instructions for the stencil painting:

The completed apple model can be found here.

Once we finished the apple, we started to talk about animation. To illustrate this, we started building a little multi-object tank model that we can later animate. Here are the instructions on starting the tank model:

The in-progress tank model can be found here.

Beginners/Intermediate Scratch – Challenge 13 – Learn about the Raspberry Pi


This week in CoderDojo Athenry, the other streams joined us at the start, as we began with a demo of the Raspberry Pi, a really interesting low-cost computer that has been brought out in the last year. It only costs about €30 for a basic one, to which you add a power supply (many mobile phone ones work on it), an SD card (instead of a hard drive), a keyboard and mouse, and connect it to your TV to get started.

We saw it running Scratch and Python programs, and a couple of them were passed around the room for everyone to examine.

We took the opportunity to learn about the main components in a desktop PC: how to identify them and what the function of each one is. We also saw the equivalent components in the Raspberry Pi.

After that, we returned to Mesh networking and the Chatty program that we started a couple of weeks ago, that not everyone had finished.

Here are my notes from the day (PDF format): CDA-S2-Challenge13-RaspberryPi-Demo.pdf

Ninjas who had finished the Chatty program and wanted to do more did work on a 2-player Rock-Paper-Scissors program. We didn’t have notes for this, but I showed the code and it is posted here:  (This is code for one of the players. Similar code is needed for the other one.)

If you would like a copy of my slides in PowerPoint format, get in touch via Twitter or the comments.