CoderDojo Athenry Belts Awarded May 2014


We awarded a record number of 87 belts at CoderDojo Athenry in May 2014:

  • 3 White belts for ongoing participation
  • 55 Yellow Scratch belts for competent  coders
  • 15 Blue Advanced Scratch belts
  • 1 Yellow Python belt
  • 3 Blue Python belts
  • 10 Green Minecraft Modding belts for creating and ublishing Java/JavaScript mods online

In keeping with the CoderDojo ethos, these belts were earned by our young people meeting agreed standards in different coding disciplines. Belts are not for winning competitions against each other, but celebrate personal achievement, and are never given away without being earned.

Congratulations to all the young people who earned their belts!


CoderDojo Athenry Belts

Today we had our awards session. Belts were awarded to seventy nine Coder Ninjas in Scratch Beginners, Scratch Advanced, Python and ModderDojo.

DSC_0130Minister of State for Training and Skills Ciarán Cannon speaking at todays event

DSC_0134Scratch Beginners White Belts

DSC_0137Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0139Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0141Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0139Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0144Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0145Scratch Beginners Yellow Belts

DSC_0151Scratch Advanced Blue Belts

DSC_0155-SMILEPython Yellow and Blue Belts

DSC_0159ModderDojo Green Belts

DSC_0161ModderDojo Green Belts

Congratulations to everyone, well done!

Our Forge Java Mods from ModderDojo Athenry

This is a set of Minecraft Java mods that we have built in ModderDojo, which is part of CoderDojo Athenry. Contact us on Twitter at @coderdojoathenr. All of these mods require Forge 1.7.2 or higher.

To install a mod, download the Jar file from here, then go to your %APPDATA% folder, then open the .minecraft folder, and place the Jar file in the Mods folder.

More Ways To Minecraft by Ruaidhri:

New items: blue, red and green lightsabers and a ruby. New recipes to create lightsabers.


Money Mod by Luke:

New items: multiple coins and notes and a credit card. New recipes to create one type from another.



More coming!