Web Development – Making text bold and italics!

Hi all,

This weeks notes are all about making text bold and using italics. In the notes we learn about these new tags and add them to the Coderdojo Athenry information page we have been working on. As we go along we can  add what we have learned to this webpage! coderdojo_first_web_pageNext week we will learn more tags! Remember if you have any questions to just send me an email, my email address is in the notes! Here are this weeks notes! WebsiteDevelopment4

Website Development Week 3

Hi All,

This week the notes are mostly a refresher because a lot of ground has been covered in the last two weeks and I want to give a chance to anybody who wants to start learning HTML a chance to catch up. The notes just recap what we have done so far and also explain why it’s not a good idea to use Microsoft Word to make our HTML files! The notes also show that there are some excellent websites on the internet for learning HTML. You can type the HTML on one side, and see what kind of page this code creates on the other. This is super for experimenting with the different HTML tags so give it a go! When I went around to the classes this week some people did mention to me that they were interested in learning HTML, remember if you ever have any questions feel free to email me or talk to me at the Coderdojo every Saturday!

Here are this weeks notes!


Website Development 2 – Links, Paragraphs, Headings and Images!

Hi everybody!

This weeks notes are all about putting headings, paragraphs, links and images on our webpages! Have a look at the notes and play around with the new tags that you can learn from them. If you have any questions just send me an email! My email address is on the last slide of this weeks notes. I am going to be at Gairmscol Mhuire during Coderdojo on Saturdays so you can ask me questions there too!

Here is a link to this weeks notes!

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Web Development 1 – Getting started with HTML

Hi all, the Web Development stream starts this week. It will run alongside the other streams so you can still learn Scratch, Python or Minecraft Modding on Saturdays and spend a small amount of time learning HTML during the week. HTML is fun and the thing we need most is ideas about how webpages should look or ideas about what to put on them! We can then work together to translate these ideas in to webpages! If you are interested have a look at my presentation on getting started with HTML!

Here is this link to the presentation.