Week 3 – Scratch Beginners – Ghostcatcher

Hello Everyone

Hope you are enjoying the Halloween break.

Great to see so many of you there on Saturday, especially since it was a bank holiday weekend.

This week we created a Ghostcatcher game. We used the paint editor in Scratch for the first time. As I said on Saturday, It makes things easier if you think in shapes.


Using the code we have learnt so far, we moved the Ghostcatcher with the mouse and the Ghosts randomly. We also added sounded and score.


For those of you who would like to add more complexity, I have a couple of ideas at the end of the notes. Give it a go and if you need any help, just ask myself or one of the mentors at the beginning of the next session.

P.S. No session next week, hope you have fun over the Halloween and we will see you back on the 8th.


Here are this weeks notes in PDF. CDA-S4-Week_03-Ghostcatcher.pdf

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