Week 2 – 2015 Scratch Beginneers

Hi everyone,

This week we took a look at the open source graphics program called Paint.net

It’s a very useful piece of software for editing and working with photos and clip art. Over the next couple of weeks we will use it to clean up our photos of our 3D playdoh models or Lego figures.


Here are the PDF version of the notes: CDA-S4-Challenge09-LearnAboutPainting.pdf

See you all next week

Python Games – Week 10: Ping Pong game

As we have covered most of the concepts required to make games using Pygame I won’t be doing any more slideshows instead we will spend all of our time writing games from now on. Today we started to make a very simple Ping Pong game and we will spend another session or two finishing it.


Anybody who has missed a few sessions is always welcome back, but now would be a great time to return as we will be explaining everything from the beginning again.

Oculus Rift!


It’s great that CoderDojo Athenry can sometimes give young people (and parents) the opportunity to learn about and experience leading edge technologies, such as the 3D printer that Cathal Egan demonstrated at CoderDojo Athenry a couple of months ago.

In January 2015, we have another such opportunity, to try out the Oculus Rift. This is a virtual reality headset that combines 3D graphics with movement tracking, to give you the sense of being fully inside a computer generated world. Wearing it, you can look around everywhere, even over your shoulder, to see the world in 3 dimensions in all directions, and you can even move around it.

The Oculus Rift DK2 (Developer Kit 2) is an early stage technology, only available to software developers rather than the general public, but the ideas are likely to have a big impact in the future in areas such as games, entertainment, and education.

Even though we keep the demos to 2 minutes per person, it will take 3 or 4 weeks for all groups to get to try the Oculus out, because we have so many members in CoderDojo Athenry, and it also takes some time to get it set up.

Thanks a million to Ruaidhri in the Minecraft Modders group who owns it!

Tips for Staying Safe Online

Slide1CoderDojo Athenry was one of the group of 12 dojos that were the first to adopt and align with the CoderDojo Foundation’s Recommended Practice. You can read more about it here:

Huge thanks to mentor Neil who led this effort!

At the start of our first session of 2015 on 10 January, all lead mentors gave a short presentation with 10 tips on staying safe online. You can see the first 5 above, the other 5 are below.

You can download the presentation in PowerPoint format here: 10 Tips for Staying Safe Online PPT CD Athenry Jan 2015

We also circulated a short information document to mentors, but anybody is welcome to read it: Online Safety for Mentors CD Athenry V1.1


Week 1 2015 – Scratch Beginners

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all!


Thank you all for coming yesterday. To ease ourselves back in we worked on some code for storytelling/conversations. This can add another dimension to any game. It can set the scene or can help with interaction between characters. We used speech bubbles yesterday but you can just as easily record voices instead. It’s all about the timings, you need to get those correct so that each character gets to say their piece.


Here are the notes from this weeks session in PDF: CDA-S4-Challenge08-Storiestelling.PDF

Next week we are going to take a look at the graphics package PAINT.net. It would be very helpful if most people had it downloaded and installed before next week. The website is http://www.getpaint.net.

Here is a link to download it Here

See you all next week!