Modelers – Video 2

Hi folks, thanks a million to those who watched last week. This week we do something simple and fun: some low-poly trees that will look great added to any low-poly outdoor scene.

This technique uses extrusion and the skin modifier to build the trunk. The canopy is made of ico spheres that we’ve distorted.

Here’s the video link:

My blend file can be downloaded from here.

Video Week 1 – Snakes & Ladders

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well, getting lots of exercise and fresh air, doing your work that your teachers have given you and of course helping out around the house.

I’ve made a video of how to make a snakes & ladders game in scratch. It is tailored towards my Explorers Group here in Coderdojo, Athenry but of course it is available to anyone and feel free to share it.

I hope to do more if I can but you’ll get notified when a new video is up. I have created a YouTube channel so you can the video as it was too large for this website.

Here is the link:

Hope to see you all soon and don’t forget,