Scratch Advanced – Week 15 – Radio Waves

What are we going to learn this week:

  • A tiny little bit about Waves and how clever they are.
  • A pratical demonstration.
  • Thinking – Yes, it’s tough, you will have to do that part ­čÖé
  • Coding – Sine Waves

I will hopefully demonstrate how differnt types of waves behave.

I will admit, that I am not an expert here and will probably be unable to answer any of your questions, but you see that’s where you come in and start thinking about these things yourself.

A Pratical Demonstration.

What’s in the Box?

I will bring the Box and we can take a look inside, I might even have two boxes, you never know.




Remember the Gravity simulation we did, well we can do the same with Waves.

We will build a few Transmitters and a Receiver which can be “tuned” in to the different transmissions. In fact this would be an ideal Application to do using the Networking in Scratch. Does anyone remember that from last year?

Lets see how we get on, we might set this up with one person as the Transmitter and one person as the Receiver.

I have some of the coding done to Transmit a Wave, but will need help in building a transmitter and obviously something to broadcast as well ­čÖé

Ok, I know Iam supposed to put up the code before the day, but better late than never.

Here is the code for the Transmitter of the radio Waves. Careful with the SIN code has there are a few nested calculations there.

















And here is the code for the Reciever.


Intermediate Scratch – Challenge 14 – Build a Network Pong Game!

CDA-S2-Challenge14-NetworkPongThis week’s challenge is to build a 2-player networked Pong game.

This challenge made use of the networking ideas that we covered when writing a network Chat program and previously when we learned about networking.

The big ideas behind this challenge were:

  1. Design of a networked program
  2. Division of labour: there are two programs running on two computers, and we have to decide which is which
  3. Using variables  for exchange of data

Here are the presentation slides from the day, in PDF format: CDA-S2-Challenge14-NetworkPong.pdf

If you would like me to send you these slides in PowerPoint format, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or via the comments!