ModderDojo Topic 5: Time to Get Constructive!


This week builds on ModderDojo Topic 4, when we learned a bit about the basics of ScriptCraft and saw how it handles loops, decisions and variables compared to Scratch:

This week, our goal is to build a first structure mod in ScriptCraft. Ideally you should work in pairs. This to achieve this goal will involve:

During the session, I will ask people to load their mods onto my computer, demo them to the group, and explain how their code works. To get things started, at we can take a look at some mods from last year and how they work:

Practical notes:

  • Read the ScriptCraftJS API reference to see what commands you can use for your structures:
  • During development and testing, you can end up with lots of incomplete structures that slow down your CanaryMod server. A simple fix is to delete your world:
    • Stop your CanaryMod server
    • Open the CanaryMod folder on your computer: in it you will see a folder called worlds, and inside it one called default, and inside that default_NORMAL.  Delete default_NORMAL and all of its contents.
    • While you are at it, edit your world’s properties for when it is re-created: you can do this by opening canarymod – config – worlds – default – default_NORMAL.cfg. To make your new world superflat, write world-type=FLAT and you could also change other properties such as spawn-monsters=false
    • Restart CanaryMod to create a new, empty world
    • Re-run your scripts to recreate structures that you want

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