Scratch Beginners – Ghostcatcher Game

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone that showed up today. Again, a big thank you to Julie for taking the session last week.

This week, we built a new game which we were calling “Ghostcatcher” We used code that we have learnt over the last two weeks and again used variables. We will continue to do this over the next couple of weeks, we will make new games but will continue to go over the basic programming concepts each week.

This was our first time creating our own Sprite rather than using one from the library. The paint editor can be great fun and you should experiment with it, creating lots of new Sprites.

Remember ! think in shapes, like we did with the ghost.


A pdf version of the full notes from todays session can be found here: CDA-S3-Challenge03-GhostCatcher.pdf

Try adding your own variables, the code is there for you to look at but why not have a go at it yourself first.

No Coderdojo Athenry next week but hope to see you all back the following Saturday the 27th.

Enjoy the Halloween break!



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