Modelers – Video 7

Hi folks, here’s the second part of our spaceship video project, as promised. This is our last official video for the year and I just want to take the opportunity to say thanks for being such a creative and fun group. It’s been a pleasure.

Click here if you haven’t done Part 1 yet.

In this video we introduce a few new things:

  1. Rendering a video instead of a static image
  2. Using a “follow path” constraint to move an object along a pre-defined path
  3. Using a “track to” constraint to keep a camera pointing at a target
  4. The impact of the camera’s focal length
  5. Importing items from another Blender file

Here are the video instructions, they’re long at about 50mins, so take them in a few sections if you need to:

You’re going to need an image I prepared to texture the warp tunnel, it’s below. Just right-click on it and save it as space.png.

The blend file can be downloaded from here.

Have a lovely summer!

Modelers – Video 6

Hi folks. I may put up some content over the summer if I get time, but this is Part 1 of 2 of our last proper project this year.

We’re going to model a spaceship in this project (Part 1) and have it fly through space (Part 2).

Here are the video instructions:

Just after I stopped recording I remembered I’d forgotten to switch on “Bloom” which makes the engines glow properly. Make sure to switch this on as shown in the picture below!

Annotation 2020-05-16 171323

A copy of my Blend file can be downloaded from here.

Modelers – Video 5

Hi folks, in this video I build and rig a humanoid figure and show how to pose it. I also say “not too terrible” a lot.

This is something that I’d hoped we’d get too all year and I’m glad that I’ve a chance to show it to you here. I hope you’ll have a go with it. Those more artistic than I am may make a better looking human figure, with a bit of luck.

My blender file can be downloaded from here.

If you manage this and would like to push it further, maybe challenge yourself to see if you can remember how to UV unwrap and texture paint the model? I’d love to see someone give that a go.

Take care of yourselves and I hope to do one or two more videos before we break for the summer.

Modelers – Video 5

Hi folks, Saturday again and I thought I’d do another little video. Thanks again to those following along, hope you’re having some fun with these.

This week I make a “working” TV that plays back a video when animated. Very simple modelling here so everyone should be able to give this a good go.

Before you start, you’ll need a little landscape video saved to your computer. This can be anything, so have fun with it.

Here’s the video:

Any questions or comments, feel free to reach out with a comment below.

Modelers – Video 4

Hi Folks,

This week I thought we might dip our toe into the Blender physics engine, specifically rigid-body physics.

In Blender you might use the physics system for animations, for setting up a complex still scene in a natural way or just, as we are going to do, for the fun of it.

The video is here:

The blender file can be found here.

I hope you have fun with this, I’d love to see any experiments!

Modelers – Video 3

Hi folks, this week I thought we’d make a simple terrain. We show a few new techniques:

  1. Using a Displace modifier to distort a plane into something that looks like terrain
  2. Creating a material that colours different parts of the terrain based on their height

Here’s the video:

Any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.

The blender file can be downloaded from here.


After I posted the video, I modified the material a bit and I like the result more than the version in the video. If you want to try, modify the terrain material so it looks like this instead:

Annotation 2020-04-05 164230

It varies the texture a lot more and looks very nice, especially on the snowy peaks.Annotation 2020-04-05 164705

Modelers – Blender Basics

Hi folks. When we started this year I quickly started doing video tutorials, but there were no videos covering the most basic stuff.

This video is suitable for those who are completely new to Blender or would like to review the basics again.

When you’re done with this, feel free to try some of the other tutorial videos on my channel.

A copy of this model can be downloaded here.

Any questions, feel free to give me a shout by leaving a comment below.

[EDIT 01/04/20]

Meant to add these links too:

Blender Download

One-Page Blender Infographic

Modelers – Video 2

Hi folks, thanks a million to those who watched last week. This week we do something simple and fun: some low-poly trees that will look great added to any low-poly outdoor scene.

This technique uses extrusion and the skin modifier to build the trunk. The canopy is made of ico spheres that we’ve distorted.

Here’s the video link:

My blend file can be downloaded from here.

Modelers – Video 1

Hi Folks,

I thought it would be nice if we could finish out our animated tank, notwithstanding that we’re all self-isolating at the moment. To that end, I’ve recorded a litte video to show the last bit of the animated tank model, the bit that actually includes the animation!

I hope this video will be of some use to at least a few of you. If you watch it, please do let me know with a YouTube comment or a comment here so I can decide if I should make a few more like this. Happy to do it if someone’s watching!

Take care and mind yourselves and your families.

Here’s the link to the finished tank model.