Modelers – Video 1

Hi Folks,

I thought it would be nice if we could finish out our animated tank, notwithstanding that we’re all self-isolating at the moment. To that end, I’ve recorded a litte video to show the last bit of the animated tank model, the bit that actually includes the animation!

I hope this video will be of some use to at least a few of you. If you watch it, please do let me know with a YouTube comment or a comment here so I can decide if I should make a few more like this. Happy to do it if someone’s watching!

Take care and mind yourselves and your families.

Here’s the link to the finished tank model.

5 thoughts on “Modelers – Video 1

  1. Hi Kieran, It’s Cristina. I left comments on your channel, can you see them? If you can’t, what I said there was that the youtube comments are disabled on your videos. I also mentioned that the tank’s body would move, but the wheels wouldn’t. I can do the key frames and everything, I just can’t move the tank to the right positions. Everything else is working fine, It’s just that.

  2. Hi Kieran, I’ve fixed the problems I had; I didn’t make the wheels and curves children to the tank (which was the parent to everything). I can send you the file to somewhat an animation (if the file lets you actually see it and it isn’t buggy in any way), I did a little extra and it is a bit different to yours. Really looking forward to the next video you upload, it helped me fix a lot of things I had wrong with my tank that I didn’t notice. Could I please have your email to send you an attachment/the file?

  3. Hi Cristina, Seems that comments are locked on the YouTube channel because it’s marked as “For Kids”. Would you or one of your parents be able to email your model to me and I’ll take a look? I’m KieranCoughlan at Gmail (not writing it as a proper email address to avoid bots scrapping email addresses, but I’m sure you can figure my code :))

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