Welcome to the 2016-17 Season at CoderDojo Athenry!


We had a great first day back at CoderDojo Athenry on 17 September 2016, with about 205 young people and their parents attending the first day.

In case you missed the session, you can review the introduction notes here:
1-coderdojoathenry-infosession-2016-sept (PDF)

This year, we have renamed our groups:
  1. Explorers, led by Martha, was formerly the Scratch Beginners group, as well as Scratch, it will include graphics packages and stop-motion animation — overview notes here: 4-explorers-wk1_information-session (PDF)
  2. Advancers, led by Mark and Oliver, was formerly the Scratch Advanced group, and will feature more advanced projects Scratch and packages such as GameMaker — overview notes here: 5-advancers-coderdojoathenry-kickoff-sept2016 (PDF)
  3. Bodgers, led by Declan, was formerly the Raspberry Pi group and will involve hardware and electronics projects — overview notes here: 6-bodgers-coderdojoathenry-info-sept2016 (PDF)
  4. Creators, led by Kieran, was formerly the Unity group and will involve 3D game development in Unity, complemented by 3D modelling and sound effects — overview notes here: 7-creators-coderdojoathenry-kickoff-sept2016 (PDF)
  5. Hackers, led by Michael, is a new group, and is a hacker space for CoderDojo Athenry, with more in-depth projects building on technologies learned in other groups, as well as new ones — overview notes here: 8-hackers-coderdojoathenry-infosessoin-2016 (PDF)

We encourage people to work through the groups in the order listed above. Creators and Hackers are aimed at young people in secondary school.

For the Bodgers group, Declan has also posted additional notes about getting started: Bodgers-Setting up our laptops.

See you all next week!

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