Bodgers-Setting up our laptops

We returned today after the break with a new name for our group, the Urban Dictionary defines a Bodger as:

1. Anyone who creates objects (machines, vehicles, buildings , etc.) from a mishmash of found or improvised materials.
2. An expert in bodging.
3. An unorthodox hobbyist or artist whose body of work has been cobbled together from garbage or materials used in ways that deviate from their intended purpose.

Every bodger knows that PVC pipe and duct tape are two most important resources on Earth.
You can commonly find bodgers in their natural habitat: hardware stores, dumpsters, and junkyards.

Some of us got a chance to install the software we will need over the next few week but some of us didn’t get a chance to. I have a few slides with instructions for installation

I’m really looking forward to doing cool stuff with cool Bodgers over the next year.

One thought on “Bodgers-Setting up our laptops

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