Scratch Beginners – Week 5. Building on what we learned & adding a pinch of imagination!

In this weeks Session, I tried to continue using everything we have learned so far, and also showed some alternative code for code we have used previously. As I always say, there is always more than one way to do something.


Today, I also wanted you to create your own game, using the code I would be showing you but each persons game was to look different. As always, your minds are much more artistic and entertaining than mine and I saw some fantastic ideas around the room.


If you get  a chance during your busy week, you should go back over your first couple of games and see can you add some more complexity to them. Add a score or a level, or can you use broadcasting to communicate between the sprites.

But above all…have fun with it!

Here are the full notes in PDF form of todays session. CDA-S3-Challenge05Paddle_Ball.PDF

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