ModderDojo Week 5: Continuing to Build Complex Structure Mods in Minecraft


This week, we continued to work on our structure mods in ScriptCraftJS. Our plan is to build a whole set of mods that between them can be used to create a town/city.

Meanwhile, Eli in the group is working on Java-based modding and will help everyone else get started with it when we all move onto that topic later.

Some of the structures people in the group are working on:

  • A block of apartments
  • A street with skyscrapers
  • A castle
  • An iron house
  • A stable
  • A tennis court / soccer pitch
  • A subway
  • A giant face!

The picture with this week’s post shows a Wizard’s Tower built by Conor in the ModderDojo group.

Along the way, we will get practice of:

  • Turning ideas into designs and turning designs into code
  • Debugging programs when the result doesn’t match the design
  • Using variables, calculations, decisions and loops
  • Sharing code for others to download and reuse

Practical notes:

  • During development and testing, you can end up with lots of incomplete structures that slow down your CraftBukkit server. A simple fix is to delete your world:
    • Stop your CraftBukkit server
    • Open the CraftBukkit folder on your computer: in it you will see folders called world and possibly world_nether and world_the_end delete them all
    • While you are at it, edit in the CraftBukkit folder to make your new world superflat, write level-type=flat and you could also change other properties such as spawn-monsters=false
    • Restart your CraftBukkit folder to create a new, empty world
    • Re-run your scripts to recreate structures that you want
  • Read the ScriptCraftJS API reference to see what commands you can use for your structures:

Our Mods:

We have started to post mods here:

We will add more as our modders finish them and make them available for posting. Stay tuned!

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