ModderDojo Athenry: Our ScriptCraftJS Minecraft Mods

This is a list of Minecraft ScriptCraft mods that we have built in ModderDojo, which is part of CoderDojo Athenry. Contact us on Twitter at @coderdojoathenr.

All of these mods run on a CraftBukkit server and use Walter Higgins’ excellent ScriptCraftJS framework.

To download a mod, click on the image. Then copy the file into a folder inside the js-plugins folder, which you should be able to find under your ScriptCraft folder after installing ScriptCraftJS and running it.

All of these mods are open-source: you are welcome to download them, use them and modify them, but you must give credit to the original authors.

Rail Tunnel by Harry and Ivan: 2013-12-07_12.55.17

/js railer( )
A rail tunnel that can be placed underground. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Beacon by Richard: 2013-11-30_12.47.36

/js beacon2( )
Makes a pyramid of emerald with a beacon on top. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Stable by Richard: 2013-11-30_12.47.15

/js stable( )
Makes a detailed stable. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Stone Farmhouse by Oisin: 2013-12-07_12.29.31

/js stonehouse( )
Makes a house of stone with garden and rooms inside. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Iron House by Eoin: 2013-12-07_12.36.40

/js ironhouse( )
Makes a single iron house. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Iron Street by Eoin: 2013-12-07_12.25.59

/js ironstreet( )
Makes a street with 6 iron houses. Required ironhouse() to be installed f irst. Uploaded 7 Dec 2013.

Pumpkin Patch by Mikey: pumpkin

/js pumpkin( )
Makes a Portable Productive Planted Pumpkin Patch. Uploaded 28 Nov 2013.

Apartment by Luke: apartment1

/js apartment(floors, width)
Multi-storey apartment with furniture on each floor. Parameters: floors (e.g. 10), width  (7 is best). Uploaded 23 Nov 2013.

The Castle by Conor: TheCastle

/js thecastle(floors, width)
Large castle with outer walls and keep. Parameters: number of floors in the keep (e.g. 3); width of the castle (e.g. 40). Uploaded 17 Nov 2013.

Surprise by Ruaidhri: surprise

/js surprise( )
To find out what this does, run it or read the code. Just add flint and steel! Uploaded 28 Nov 2013.

City Block by Ruaidhri: Citye

/js citye( )
Sky scrapers arranged in two rows with a road. Uploaded 17 Nov 2013.

Pyramid by Ruaidhri: PyrimidInside

/js pyramid( )
Pyramid with door and lights inside.  Uploaded 11 Nov 2013.

Wizard Tower by Conor: 2013-11-10_10.45.39

/js wizardtower(floors, width)
Round tower with side room. Parameters: number of floors (e.g. 6); width of tower (e.g. 10). Uploaded 11 Nov 2013.

Train Tunnel by Luke: Tunnel1

/js traintunnel( )
Tunnel with tracks and lanterns.  Uploaded 11 Nov 2013..

More to follow!

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