Intermediate Scratch – Challenge 14 – Build a Network Pong Game!

CDA-S2-Challenge14-NetworkPongThis week’s challenge is to build a 2-player networked Pong game.

This challenge made use of the networking ideas that we covered when writing a network Chat program and previously when we learned about networking.

The big ideas behind this challenge were:

  1. Design of a networked program
  2. Division of labour: there are two programs running on two computers, and we have to decide which is which
  3. Using variables  for exchange of data

Here are the presentation slides from the day, in PDF format: CDA-S2-Challenge14-NetworkPong.pdf

If you would like me to send you these slides in PowerPoint format, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or via the comments!

One thought on “Intermediate Scratch – Challenge 14 – Build a Network Pong Game!

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