ModderDojo Athenry: Planning for MineVention


The Minecraft fans’ convention, MineVention, will take place on Sunday 7 December in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway. Tickets are completely sold out, unfortunately.

The organisers of the convention invited CodderDojo Athenry to participate, particularly as we do Minecraft Modding. We will have a booth beside the 3D printer.

Here is our plan for what we will do at our booth:

  • We will demonstrate Java mods written by our group
  • We will demonstrate structures created by people in our group using ScriptCraft
  • The 3D printer will print out a structure that we created in ScriptCraft, and we will show the structure itself
  • We will also show off any other cool Minecraft-related things our modders have done, e.g. their own YouTube videos, their own command blocks, and any interesting structures they have
  • We will also have information and demos to highlight the range of different things done in CoderDojo Athenry apart from Minecraft modding.

Any members of CoderDojo Athenry who have tickets are welcome to join us for some of the time.

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