Python Games – Weeks 5-6: Getting started with Pygame

Last week we relocated to NUIG for a Massive Open Dojo Session. There was lots going on to enjoy and it was great to see such a large turn out. Well done to our own Michael Madden and to Karl Sweeney from CoderDojo Galway City for organizing it all. Thanks also to Martha for the t-shirts.

The ninjas from the Python Games group who attended didn’t do any new coding but they enjoyed personalizing the Bunnies And Badgers game with their own images. We were set a challenge to create a game to highlight the environmental issues facing the oceans. We started working on that today and we will continue with that for a few weeks. Ocean Cleaner

Before we started working on that today we had a look at some basic Python concepts contained in this demo program. Next week we will look at using lists and for loops in Pygame and at collision detection.

Here are my slides from today python session_6

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