Week 1 – Scratch Beginners- First Game

It was great to see so many of you there yesterday! Welcome back to anyone who was here last year and a big welcome to all our new Ninjas.

We were able to get down to work very quickly yesterday and that was all down to our mentors who got everyone up and running. Thank you, Neil, Julia, Ciara F, Dermot and welcome to our newest member Ciara D and thank you for giving your time.

One of the first things we did yesterday was to go through the Scratch interface and familiarise ourselves with the Menu



Our first game had two sprites, one which moved by using the arrow keys and one which moved randomly. Now we could have taken the easy option here with this code but instead we looked at the idea of using the X and Y axis and degrees and rotation.


As I said yesterday, these are hard concepts for the younger Ninjas to understand at first, but we will be using them week in and week out and they will soon grasp it.

Here are the notes from yesterdays session in PDF CDA-S4-Challenge01-FirstGame.pdf

Next week we will be building on this game and then the Ninjas will build their own game using the code we have learnt so far.

Looking forward to seeing you all back next week!

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