Week 4, 2014 Scratch Beginners – Pen Commands

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for coming again this week, and thank you all for your generous donations.

I think the Mic made a big difference this week!           mic

This week we looked at pen commands, we have not done this before in the Scratch Beginners so it was new for everyone.


We also created some variables which we set as sliders which again is something we had not done before with this group.sliders

And lastly we added buttons to our game. We added two separate buttons, a Start and Stop. In a few weeks time, I will show you how to have just one button, changing costume and activating the appropriate code.

There is no Coderdojo in Athenry next week, so enjoy the break.
I will be away for the following two weeks but Oliver has kindly offered to take over the group, along with his own.

Here are the full Pdf version of my notes from this weeks session. CDA-S3-Challenge-Pen Command.pdf


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