Web Development – Week 5

Hi all, This weeks notes show you how to place a link to a YouTube video inside your webpage! Visitors to your website can see the video playing directly on your web page, the notes also have a look at what ‘HTTP’ is, it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Don’t let the name put you off though, it’s really just like a language that computer use to talk over the internet. Remember if you have any questions my email address is on the last slide of the notes and I am at Coderdojo Athenry on Saturdays! WebsiteDevelopment5

2 thoughts on “Web Development – Week 5

  1. Hiya just wondering if course is on this Saturday with it being St Patrick weekend. Thanks. Kids really enjoying the program every week. It’s a brilliant opportunity for children to learn in a relaxed environment.

    • Thank you for the comment, Susan. No, we won’t be running CoderDojo Athenry this Saturday, but we will be back as normal the following Saturday 22 March.
      Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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