Week 6 – Guessing Game

Hello Everyone,

Great to see you all yesterday and welcome to our new members.

Yesterday, we made a slight departure from the games we have done in previous weeks. This weeks game was a mathematical Guessing Game.


We only had one sprite and one large block of code. We had to create variables and figure out all the possible situations that could occur when a guess was made.


Again this week, I am looking for you to add your own signature to your game by continuing to add some complexity. Yesterday I saw people add costumes so every time he guessed wrong, a sad face appears. There was also a lot of sound being added! You don’t have to keep all the code either, how about replacing the Repeat 5 times with a 60 seconds timer instead.

I would like you all to keep working on the game and those of you who like me to show your game to the rest of the room, like I did with Alex’s brilliant soccer game, please upload it to the Scratch website. I will show them before the session starts next week.

Next week as I said we will be doing Paint.net, please download in advance if you can. See you all there.


Here are the notes in PDF form from our Week 6 Session. CDA-S3-Challenge06GuessNumbers.pdf

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