ModderDojo Athenry Week 6: Guidelines for Posting Mods


We are now sharing our ScriptCraftJS mods here:

We will keep updating that post as members of the group finish new mods.  Anybody anywhere can download our mods: when they click on the mod’s picture, they will get a link to download it from Dropbox.

Here are some guidelines for posting your mods:

  • Send the mod code and a picture of what it looks like to
  • Put a comment at the top with:
    • Your first name (e.g. “Michael from CoderDojo Athenry”) or your Minecraft handle: to look after your privacy online, never post your full name or other identifying information
    • A one-line description of what the mod does
    • If your mod has parameters, what they are for and what values work best
  • Put code near the top to set default parameters, e.g.:
    width = width || 10;
    This means: Set width to be equal to its current value, or if it is currently undefined, set it to 10
  • Check that your code looks fairly neat:
    • Use indentation: good spaces at the start of each line to line up the code
    • Include comments to explain things
    • Avoid commented-out code or code that does nothing
  • Test your code carefully and inspect its results to make sure it works as expected!


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