CoderDojo Athenry Information & Registration Session, 28 Sept 2013


We had a great turnout for our information & registration session at CoderDojo Athenry on Saturday 28 Sept. We didn’t count the numbers, but we ran out of registration forms after 70 new sign-ups.

If you didn’t get to sign up, don’t worry – the first Saturday that you come along, you can fill out a registration form and jump right in.

If you are already registered from last year, you don’t need to register again.

Here are all the slides from the information session:

  1. Overview (Michael): CoderDojoAthenry-InfoSession-2012-09-15.pdf
  2. Scratch Beginners (Martha): CoderDojo_InfoSession_28_9-2013.pdf
  3. Scratch Advanced (Oliver): YearThreePresentation.pdf
  4. Python (Declan): Python who and why.pdf
  5. Claire (HTML): HTML_C_Lally.pdf
  6. Minecraft Mods (Michael): CoderDojoAthenry-Info-Minecraft.pdf
  7. Belts (Michael): CoderDojoAthenry-Info-Belts.pdf

As the picture above shows, we are planning 5 topics this season, spread over 4 rooms:

  • Scratch Beginners, led by Martha:
    • Aimed at the younger ones and those who are new
    • They will progress to Scratch Intermediate after a few months
    • If possible, download Scratch 2 here before next Saturday:
  • Scratch Advanced, led by Oliver:
    • Topics will include music, animation, file systems, operating systems, and a programming language
    • Aimed at those who have a yellow cert/belt in Scratch
  • Python, led by Declan:
    • Aimed at those who have Blue belts in Scratch or have being doing HTML and would like to try something different
    • Will be mainly command line based to begin, moving to Pygame later
    • Will also involve Raspberry Pi and electronics boards
  • HTML, led by Claire:
    • Create your own webpage
    • HTML, images, links, stylesheets
  • Minecraft Modding, led by Michael:
    • Aimed at the older/more experienced group
    • Will involve learning how to program in JavaScript and Java, which are advanced programming languages, to create new mods
    • NOT just playing Minecraft or installing other peoples’ mods!

As in previous years, CoderDojo Athenry will be on Saturdays from 12:00 until about 1:30 or 2pm, in Gairmscoil Mhuire VEC school in Athenry, Under 13s must be accompanied.

Please make sure you are on the CoderDojo Athenry mailing list: if you are not receiving weekly email messages from us, then send an email message to and we’ll add you.

See you soon!

Michael and the CoderDojo Athenry mentors.

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