Scratch Intermediate & Advanced Challenge 16: Model and Animate!


(This week, we again merged our Intermediate and Advanced Scratch groups, which means that our Challenge numbering system is now a bit messed up!)

We had lots of fun in CoderDojo Athenry with this challenge, which involved:

  • Making models with plasticine (a.k.a morla or playdough)
  • Converting the physical models into digital ones, by either drawing them in a painting program or photographing them & cleaning the photos up
  • Animating the images in Scratch

Here is a link to my fairly primitive animated Scratch model: our ninjas have made much more impressive models, which we will showcase in a post soon.

Here are my notes from the day (PDF format): CDA-S2-Challenge16-ModelAndAnimate.pdf

As usual, get in touch on Twitter or in the comments if you would like the PowerPoint version of the notes.

Next week, we will extend this topic by continuing to do modelling and have ninjas demonstrate what they have made.

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