Scratch Intermediate & Advanced Challenge 17: Learn about Painting!


This week, Martha led a great session in which she showed  the ninjas how to use a painting program. There are of course lots of reasons why this is useful for coding:

  • For animation, as we have been working on in recent weeks
  • For graphics for websites, including logo design as the HTML group are working on
  • For buttons, icons, and other graphics in other apps and programs

The specific program that Martha used is Paint.NET. This is free (though not open-source) and is pretty easy to use, while being quite a bit more advanced than either the Paint editor in Scratch or Microsoft Paint that is installed in Windows by default.

You can download Paint.NET here:

Paint.NET works on Windows only:  if you have a Linux or Mac laptop, many of the same functions are available in other painting packages, and the mentors will help you bridge the gap. One good alternative is Pinta Paint, which is multi-platform and its functionality is based on that of Paint.NET.

Here are the notes from the day (PDF format): CDA-S2-Challenge17-LearnAboutPainting.pdf

As usual, get in touch on Twitter or in the comments if you would like the PowerPoint version of the notes.

Also this week, our ninjas demonstrated models they had built in plasticine and graphics they had created – follow this link to see them!

One thought on “Scratch Intermediate & Advanced Challenge 17: Learn about Painting!

  1. That was a great session by Martha *applause. Learned a lot, thank you Martha. I have a tip for mac users. Apples ‘Preview’ app is so much more than a PDF reader and is great for photo editing. Open a picture of your pastercine model in preview. From the toolbar select smart lasso to draw a thick red line roughly around the edge of your model. When you see the dotted line hit delete, save as png and your done. Hope this helps.


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