Beginners Scratch – Challenge 7 – Buid Your Own Game!

These are the notes from our seventh challenge in Season 2 of Scratch Beginners, CoderDojo Athenry.

The challenge this week was to work on your own game. The coding concepts for this challenge are:

  1. Using the Scratch skills you have acquired for your own games
  2. Creativity and imagination
  3. Designing your own program.

A key point in developing your own game is to start simple, get the first idea tested and working, and then start adding more. We also spoke about the usefulness of planning on paper, rather than jumping straight into coding (which can be a tough one to sell!)

Here are the notes from the day (PDF): CDA-S2-Challenge07-YourGame.pdf

If you want to check how we did things in previous challenges, you can find the programs here:

We will continue to work on our own games next week, and I will post a link to a gallery of games that ninjas have produced.

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