Advanced Scratch – Week 8 – Planning for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I would like a nice new game for Christmas.

I would like it to be a Christmas game where you have to catch the presents in the fireplace

Just to make it easier, here are some more things that I would like it to do.

  1. It needs to look like my living room with a nice window and lovely fire place.
  2. At Christmas, when you look out the window it is normally snowing.
  3. We normally have our tree in the corner, with a nice set of lights on it.
  4. Santa normally flies across the top of the house and drops the presents down the chimney, lately he has not had a good aim, so we will need to be able to move the fireplace left and right.
  5. If we catch the presents, we can move them to under the tree.
  6. I don’t want the game to last more than two minutes.
  7. And when it ends I want to know what all the Presents are.

So you might need to think about the following:

  1. What to put on the Stage and what to use Sprites for.
  2. Whether one Sprite should be in front of another Sprite. This is something that we have not done before.
  3. How many costumes each Sprite needs
  4. Do you want to use one Sprite for all the Presents and just change the size and colour.
  5. Stamping could be used to get the Presents under the Tree.
  6. How to do the Snow and the Flashing Lights on the Tree.

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