Hackers – Making and Breaking Again!


This week in the Hackers group, Kevin led the way in completing the work on the principles of the soldering iron station. While our relay can switch on/off a 220V device like the soldering iron, we tested it with a computer fan powered by a 9V battery.

The group also dismantled and studied a recently-donated printer/scanner/copier that somebody was throwing out. First they examined it and found that the scanning mechanism works perfectly, but the printing mechanism is damaged (possibly by a leaking cartridge). In dismantling it, they kept the scanning part intact, in case we can re-use it in the future.

The printer contains some great components such as stepper motors, gears, switches, and electronics, that we hope to use in the future to make new things. The group even spotted that there is a switch which detects whether the paper drawer is open, and it was connected to a plug on the main control board labelled “OOPS”!

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