Explorers Week 4 – Help Bo Peep find her sheep

Hi everyone,

Great week again with huge crowds but thanks to our new room layout and a couple of Health and Safety issues sorted, I think it was a more comfortable and safe environment for everyone. Thank you to Niamh, Sarah, Roisin , Alan and Pete you came early and helped sort out the new layout.

This week, I helped Bo Peep found her sheep! Some of you did the same and some used ideas like Minecraft Steve finding Iron Ore and Diamonds, Knights finding dragons or a Princess finding flowers.

Before we even started our game this week we talked a little bit about File Management and about the importance of keeping your files somewhere you can access them quickly and giving them a meaningful name.

So to this end, we all created a folder where we will be keeping our files in the future and within that we had a sub folder for this weeks files.

We started our game by drawing our background on our stage:

Rather than use the sprites from the Scratch Library, we searched the internet using a image search for our Sprites.

This week, we decided to move our main sprite using the arrow keys. For this we had to learn a small bit about the X and Y axis and I gave you a little tip on how to remember which is which!

Hope you all enjoyed this week, next week we have a very small bit to finish off for this game and then we will start a new game!

Here are the notes for this weeks session in PDF CDA-S6-Week_04-BoBeep



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