PiDojo- Projects and Belts

Sorry for not posting for a while, we haven’t covered much new material in the last few weeks.

Today we finally nailed down what our projects are going look like and I think we have some very impressive ideas to work on for the next couple of weeks. By the last session we will be displaying devices like a flood gauge, a food and recipe management system, a retro arcade console, a scalextric racing game timer, a survey/voting machine and a device to help the visually impaired recognise the contents of food cans.

Projects are important for two reasons, they encourage Ninjas to work on their own and they will be the basis for awarding belts.

This year for belts in the Raspberry Pi and Electronics group Ninjas will be examined on more than just code, they will also have to speak about the reason they chose to do the project they did, they will have to explain the various hardware components they used and they will have to create a poster for their project.

I’m looking forward to a busy few weeks in the PiDojo group.


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