PiDojo- Emails, Tweets and Spreadsheets

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

Up until now we’ve mainly looked at what we can do with the GPIO Pins on the Raspberry Pi but over the last two weeks we looked at how we might make information from our scripts available to the world outside.

Two weeks ago (Sat 5th Mar.) we looked at how we might use the internet to share data. Although the  Pi is capable of running a web server and we could build a few web pages fairly quickly there are easier ways of getting information to the public. We can use Twitter to broadcast information and we can use Email for more targeted sharing.

The tutorials in my notes Email and Twitter will show you how to set up the Email and Twitter modules for Python on the Raspberry Pi and you can see our code here.tweet

Last Week (Sat 12th Mar.) we learned how to share data using a Spreadsheet. The tutorial in my notes spreadsheets will show you how to install the XLWT(Excel Write) Library for Python and you can use our code here to create the spreadsheet shown below.


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