Playing With Unity Physics and Wheel Colliders

Hi folks. This week we continued work on our Amazing Racer project. We explained what heightmaps are and we imported a standard heightmap into a terrain object. We also added water and trees to our game map.

Apart from that, I also showed two little fun experimental projects that I worked on over the Christmas break to test a couple of game ideas. I thought I’d upload them here so you can play with them yourselves; maybe even use them as the basis for a game idea?


The first project, called “Physics Test”, is just a Jenga-like tower of bricks, a ramp and a dropped sphere. The sphere and the bricks have custom physics materials to define their friction and bounciness. It can be downloaded from here.


The second is called “Wheel Collider Test”. It uses Unity’s Wheel Collider on a simple vehicle made of a box and four cylinders. The whole thing is on a simple map made from a basic terrain with a flat interior and a raised edge (to keep the car in!). The awesome (cough) textures are from random Windows backgrounds. The Unity documentation for the WheelCollider can be found here. I note reading it that our project sets up the visual elements to represent the wheels differently to the method recommended in the documentation, but it seems to work OK. The project itself can be downloaded from here.

See you all next week!

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