Advanced Scratch Platform Engine part 1

Hey folks,  today we started on a platform engine that can be used as the basis for many games.  Mostly today we were trying to get the physics of it fairly right.  We had to solve a lot of problems to make it work the way we wanted it!  This involved:

  • figuring out how to do realistic gravity!
  • letting us bump head off platforms
  • sorting out the “pillar” problem where we pop to the top of pillars
  • jumping
  • walking up slopes
  • using hitboxes to avoid snagging our whiskers on ledges


Hold onto the project as we will come back to it and add some enemies and maybe build it into a game!

The full instructions for the project are here:

You can download the code here!  (Note to download the code, click on “View RAW” and it will get downloaded to your computer).

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