Beginners scratch week 6 – Pen Commands

Since we had a terrific guest speaker today, there wasn’t enough time to rework our paddle ball game to the famous breakout game, so I picked out the quick (but really neat) drawing game! The .pdf of the slides can be found here:CDA-S5-Challenge_08-Pen Command-CDA-S5-Pen Commands CDA-S5-Pen Commands-code

In order to make it easier to change the values that control the angles of the drawing and the length of the sides, we created variables that we could change via sliders on the STAGE (right click on the variable on the stage after you create it and a menu pops up giving you some options, including a slider option). CDA-S5-Pen Commands-slider variablesReplace the handwritten numbers in the TURN and the MOVE motion commands with the variables for speed and degrees. When you touch the green flag and start the movement of your sprite, you can slide the sliders to get the perfect (or craziest) drawing! Duplicate your sprite and get several sprites drawing at once.

One extra bit that we didn’t get to is to use buttons to start and stop our drawing. Create two new button sprites and script them to send a broadcast when clicked. CDA-S5-Pen Commands-buttons

Just edit the script in the drawing sprite by putting the WHEN I RECEIVE event command at the top of the drawing script and select the START broadcast. Add another bit to the drawing sprite to STOP ALL when it receives the STOP broadcast from the Stop button.


Next week we will do the breakout game and we will plan the animation project for the following week.

Don’t forget to upload your projects to the website:! Put it on your own login and share it or put it on ours: cdathenry1516.

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