Summer Project- Athenry Castle in Minecraft


A lot of you had a chance to see the Minecraft Project that some of our Ninjas worked on over the Summer weeks in Athenry Castle a couple of weeks ago.

As part of heritage week, Ruaidhrí, Eiblinn, Eoin, Darragh and Luke built a 13th century replica of Athenry Castle in Minecraft.

Athenry Castle Minecrafters

I promised a link to download the World and the Mods used, so here is a link to Dropbox where you will find all the files.

See you all Saturday! (September 19th)


2 thoughts on “Summer Project- Athenry Castle in Minecraft

  1. Hi, attended information this morning & found same very informative. Could i check if we could use a power source for laptop, i have a laptop but battery would not last for the class.At the moment, i would not be able to purchase a new laptop for my son to use. Regards, Theresa Landers

    • Hello Theresa,
      It is perfectly fine to use a power supply for your laptop. In fact a lot of people have laptops that only run on power. We have a supply of extension leads to get the power around the room.As the numbers are getting larger in the rooms if you could bring your own extension lead that would be great also, but if you can’t we can sort something out for you..

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