ModderDojo Countries Mod: How to Upload Files to GitHub

Thanks to Ninja James for these excellent and detailed instructions, and for setting up a GitHub repository for us to share our code when working on the Countries Mod.

How to stage files to a repository.

WARNING: Please upload your mod in a folder with your topic.

Step 1. Create a folder with the name of the topic your doing for the country mod.

Step 2. Install git =, keep pressing next as we will not need any changes to the installation.

Step 3. For example I have my folder on my desktop, so I right click my desktop and click “GIT GUI”. A box should pop up.

Step 4. Click “Clone existing repository”, The source location is the git repo its self, so in the box put this :

Now the Target directory is your folder, click browse and find your folder, for example mine would be on the desktop, its called biomes, select your folder.

Example : My target dir is C:/Users/coderdojo/Desktop/Test Git/Biomes.

Click Clone, This may take a couple of minutes depending on your internet speed.git

Step 5. A window should pop up, looks like this ——->


For this example im going to put 2 files in my CLONED FOLDER!. WARNING: Put your your forge files in a folder with your name. Then once your have done that click [RESCAN], your forge files should pop up. Then click [STAGE CHANGED] and click [YES], all your files should move into the [GREEN AREA]. In the box that says [COMMIT MESSAGE], put a message that is related to your Topic in the mod.

Step 6. Click [COMMIT] after you have written your message.

Your files in the [GREEN AREA] should not be there.

Step 7. Now click [PUSH], a box should pop up click push again!

It should ask for my details… Username = FrictionlessPortals

My Password, you will have to ask me through skype, Due to security reasons.

If it says [SUCESS] you’ve sucessfully put your files on github!

If you want more help add me on skype as hypixel.jamertheredstonegamer.

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