ModderDojo Countries Mod Week 1: Making a start on a large group project mod


In the ModderDojo group, we have started to work on a large group project to develop a mod with different aspects to it.

Following on from brainstorming session in recent weeks, we have decided to build a Countries Mod: there will be multiple different countries, each with different terrains, buildings and items such as food, clothing and weapons. We hope to have portals and an airplane to move between countries. Some parts will be implemented in Java and others in JavaScript. It should be exciting to work together and produce something impressive!

To plan the project and track our progress, we will use a project dashboard as shown above: items planned but not started are in white; items underway are in yellow; items completed are in green; any that we decide to drop will be in grey.

The young people of the ModderDojo group are also arranging a code repository and communications using skype between team members, and are planning to set up a server with  the mod on it and prepare one or more a mod review videos as it gets developed.

I am greatly impressed with the group’s ideas, enthusiasm, and capabilities!

Below are my slides from when we kicked off the project, the first couple of which referred back to when we started the stream in September.



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