Combining ScriptCraft and PrintCraft: Write code to build Minecraft structures and 3D Print them


I have bundled ScriptCraft and PrintCraft so that you can write JavaScript code to create objects in Minecraft and then generate 3D printable models with them.

The PrintCraft server is one created by Paul Harter of, version 1.5.0 for CB 1.6.4. It has Paul’s default world with 36 building plots arranged in a clearing in the jungle.

The ScriptCraft plugin is created by Walter Higgins, available at, version dated 2014-08-23.

How to install:

Just download the zip file from this link and unzip it:

It is a Minecraft server that you run.

How to use:

  • Run the server with Run_windows.bat or the corresponding Linux/Mac files.
  • Make sure you are an admin: in the server window, type op <your_username>
  • In Minecraft, connect to the server by selecting Multiplayer – Direct connect and enter localhost
  • Go to one of the plots and press the button to Claim it.
  • Create an object with ScriptCraft code. For example, try /js stonehouse(), which was written by a member of CoderDojo Athenry.
  • Press the Print button to create a printable version of the object. You’ll get web link where you can download your model.


  • Glass, doors, fences and other objects that are not basic blocks don’t render; you just get voids.
  • Many 3D printers are single-colour, so bear that in mind.
  • If you want to reset your world, copy the one in “BACKUP-world”.

The picture below shows the house created with /js stonehouse(). Follow this link to see its PrintCraft 3D model.


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