ModderDojo Topic 1: Getting Started with ScriptCraft and JavaScript

Slide1Welcome to ModderDojo Athenry!

(Notes updated September 2015. Previously used the CraftBukkit server, now using Canarymod.)

This stream is aimed at older & more experienced ninjas, mainly in secondary school, who:

  • Know how to program in some language (e.g. a blue belt in Scratch)
  • Already use the PC edition of Minecraft
  • Know how to edit file and know your way around your computer’s filesystem
  • Ideally have already installed a mod yourself

Plan for today:

  1. Install a Canarymod server (a Minecraft server that is designed to be better to extend than a standard Minecraft server)
  2. Install ScrptCraft, a Mod for Minecraft (built with Canarymod) that allows you to write programs to build objects in Minecraft
  3. Try out some ScriptCraft commands
  4. Write our first mod or two in ScriptCraft

In future weeks, we’ll figure out more about the JavaScript language, which is a popular programming language that is often used in web programming.

Step 0: Prepare

Before you start, you’ll need a programmer’s editor and a zip program. I recommend:

You’ll also need to run Minecraft and the server on your own laptop or pair up with somebody.

Steps 1 and 2: Install Canarymod Server and ScriptCraft

Instructions here:

I’ll have files pre-downloaded on a USB flash drive to save time.

We’ll edit the properties file to specify a flat world, creative mode, and give the world a name.

Either follow the instructions linked above to install everything from scratch, or these instructions ot use my pre-=built server:

  1. Download the Canarymod/ScriptCraft server (a single zip file) here:
  2. Create a folder, e.g. C:\ScriptCraft
  3. Move the downloaded zip file into the folder and unzip it
  4. Run canarymod.jar to start it
  5. If Java is not installed, you will need to download it from

You should then be ready to try out ScriptCraft.

Step 3: Try out ScriptCraft

Run Canarymod (with ScriptCraft already installed).

Then start Minecraft. Important: you will have to run the Minecraft version that matches your version of Bukkit (e.g. 1.8.8)

Choose to directly connect to a server and enter localhost – if you’re connecting to a friend’s machine, you’ll need to connect to their IP address.

To run ScriptCraft commands, you have to be an op. In Canarymod window, type op <username> to op yourself.

In Minecraft, type /js echo(“hello world”) and check that it displays the message: if so, you have it installed correctly.

Next Steps …

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