Scratch Beginners – Week 1- First Game “Jaws”

We had a great crowd for our first session today in Scratch beginners. Thank you all for coming and for your patience while we got everyone sorted out with downloading Scratch 2.

We started today with our first game”Jaws”, as well as learning how to write commands to move our sprites, we took a brief look at the interface for Scratch 2.


We also took a first look at some fundamental concepts that we will be using throughout the year. Today we looked at the X and Y axis as well as the number of degrees in a circle.








Here are the presentation slides from the day, in PDF format: CDA-S3-Challenge01-FirstGame-Part1.pdf

I hope you all enjoyed today and hope to see you all again over the next couple of weeks!

2 thoughts on “Scratch Beginners – Week 1- First Game “Jaws”

  1. Hi Martha, we had a great time at scratch beginners and we have been working on it home since. regards Catherine & Eoin Kenny

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