Advanced Scratch – Week 6 – Lets Build a Piano


What are we going to learn this week, well it might take two weeks to get this completed.

Lists – How to put stuff in.

Lists – How to get stuff out.

Record – How to record things that happen, we might use a list for this 🙂

Playback – How to replay things that have happened, we might use a list for this 🙂

Mouse – where is it on the Screen, we use this to determine which Piano key has been pressed.


So what is a List, well they are like variables, you get to them from the same screen, but there are just a lot of them joined together. You would normally use them for similar types of things, like a Shopping list for example, where you put different items of food:

Chocolate, Crisps, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee.

We are going to use a list to store all the different Piano Keys that have been clicked. We can then use the same list to Play the Notes back again.

We also get to use the Button Building Block to add some buttons, one for Record and one for Play etc.

So what do we need for out Piano, well, we need a keyboard for a Start, we only need 16 notes (2 octaves) and we can either draw it ourselves or borrow one from somewhere.

Something like this would be good

Then we need to play the right note depending upon where the user has clicked.

There is one piece of easy code that just needs to be repeated over and over again with slightly different numbers. Here is a sample of what is needed and then you just need to repeat it with the different numbers for the location (mouse X / Y position) of the different keys.




Playback Time – so how do we play back what we recorded, well I just imported my Go Button Sprite to start the Playback and added the following code to run when I recieve the Broadcast from the Go Button… Remember how we did this before.

I needed to create another variable as well to keep track of which Note in the List we should be playing.

And finally, there is some initialisation code that keeps things nice and tidy when you click the Green Flag. But you could import another Button and use that to reset the Notes List, which would be much nicer. And don’t forget we already have the Button as a Sprite, so this should be easy to add in.

The go to x,y code I found to be quite useful as when you Click on the Piano Keys it can move the Keyboard around a little. But again, remember this will only happen in “Design” mode, when you switch to Presentation Mode, you won’t see this problem.


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