CoderDojo Athenry: Introduction to our Second Season!

Three Streams

CoderDojo Athenry is restarting on Saturday 22 Sept 2012, and every Saturday after that, 12-2pm in Gairmscoil Mhuire VEC School, Athenry.

We held a well-attended information and registration session on Sat 15 Sept. You can click on this link to see all of the notes, in PDF format: CoderDojoAthenry-InfoSession-2012-09-15.pdf.

Our big development this time round is that we are going to run 3 separate streams:

  1. Scratch Beginners: ideal for ninjas who are starting out, or would like to recap
  2. Scratch Advanced: ideal for younger ninjas who started with us back in March and have their yellow belts
  3. Python Beginners: aimed at older ninjas, particularly teenagers

All streams will be in the same room at the same time, which may make things chaotic but will maximise opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and flexibility for people to try one stream and switch to another.

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language, that is used in a wide range of programming applications. Unlike Scratch, the program code is are text-based, though it can be used to build graphical applications.

To receive email updates and notes from the weekly sessions, please make sure you are on the CoderDojo Athenry Google Group.

Some other points:

  • This is completely free! Nobody pays and nobody gets paid.
  • You can register by coming along any time and filling out a registration form.
  • All ages are welcome! Even parents accompanying U13s are welcome to join in programming if they wish (though you don’t have to).
  • More mentors are always needed, female as well as male.
  • Each week, bring a laptop (with wifi), your laptop charger, and some food if you wish.
  • Under 13s must be accompanied.
  • We will award more belts before Christmas – we will provide details in a few weeks.

Above all, be cool!


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