Modelers – Build and Rig a Basic Humanoid Character – Week 14

This week we build a super-simple humanoid character mesh using metaballs, a new modelling technique. We then rigged the character for animation with a simple armature.

Here are the video instructions:

Here’s a link to the folder where we store all our files . You’ll find a new file in there called humanoid_wip.blend, containing everything we did this week.

As an aside, my wife and I were playing with this character. Here’s what we did:

  1. Exported the mesh as an FBX (Select the mesh, File|Export|FBX and choose “export selected”)
  2. Loaded that FBX file into
  3. In Mixamo, identified the key parts of the body and allowed it to process
  4. Attached a breakdancer mo-cap to the model
  5. Exported it again from Mixamo
  6. Imported it back into Blender (File|Import|FBX)
  7. Added some props (a hat and glasses) and made sure to add them to the head vertex group
  8. Texture painted the character
  9. Added some basic props, a ground, some cardboard and graffiti walls
  10. Animated the camera a little
  11. Imagined the music in our heads… 🙂

Hopefully you might be encouraged to try something like this yourself!

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