Creators Snowy Christmas Challenge

This week you guys amazed us!

Kieran and I were blown away by the talent of the ninjas in Creators this week.  We set you a task at the start of the session to create a snowy Christmas scene which could be used as the backdrop in a message board of a shop or other display.  We showed an example I had created earlier but didn’t give you ANY code for the project.

It was a challenging project combining:

  • Multiple files
  • Variables
  • Objects and Classes (the Snowflake object!)
  • Loops
  • Arrays  (we had many snowflakes after all!)

At the start, many people were scratching their heads.  By the time the session was over, most of you had snow blowing across your screens, some with cool windy effects, some with interesting flake shapes, and other awesome variations.

If you didn’t quite get your snowflake scene fully working by the end, don’t worry!  The point was for you to struggle and try to figure through it on your own and you will will have learnt a lot from the effort.  REAL developers spend a lot of their time frustrated and wondering why things aren’t working, so this is normal 🙂


The version of the project I showed at the start of the session is up on the Creator github like all our other code.  The easiest way to pull the code is to press the green “Clone or Download” button and download it as a zip and extract the whole thing to your computer somewhere.  After Christmas we will talk about better ways to pull down the code.

This week’s challenge!

Can you take the snowfall project and add a snowman to the scene or other christmassy stuff like a tree with lights, etc?  and perhaps some snow on the ground?  You can use ellipse, rect, etc to do this and do all the drawing in code!  Show your work next week!!

Demo Volunteers needed!

Next week we have pizza and demo day – yay!  You guys have learned so much this year – we would really love if you can show some of your stuff to the others in the demo.  Can people think about their projects and come over to Kieran and I at the start of next week – we will try to demo as many projects as possible – both the stuff we did as a group and more especially the stuff you did or added yourselves.

We have already done so much this year – the full list is below:

  • Week 1: HTML and Webpages
  • Week 2: Getting started in Javascript – this is where we did the template!
  • Week 3: A scrolling banner advert for our local store!
  • Week 4: A cool animation in javascript inspired by the Matrix Movie
  • Week 5: Eyes that follow the mouse wherever it happens to look
  • Week 6: An awesome automatic maze generator
  • Week 7: A bouncing ball that hops all around the screen
  • Week 8: We built Creepy-crawly bugs with basic brains and a talent for art
  •  Week 9: A snowy christmas scene

And along with all this we learnt a huge amount about managing projects, files and coding.

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