ModderDojo 2016: Planning a Large Collaborative Mod


On Saturday, following on from the general information session about Coolest Projects, we started planning a large collaborative mod in the JavaScript/Scriptcraft ModderDojo stream.

We used my favourite planning and design tool – a big whiteboard and a couple of markers.

As the image above shows, we first identified what kinds of things we are already able to make, and we used these as a startpoint for brainstorming some ideas that could build on our capabilities. Finally, we reviewed some of our brainstormed ideas to identify some common threads and in particular some kinds of capabilities we don’t have – things that we will have to learn how to do in future weeks.

For example, we now know that we need to learn about event-driven programming, creating recipes, creating NPCs, creating new block types, and maybe generating biomes. Alex and I will help you to figure out some of these ideas in future weeks.

Since attendance was low, we did not finish the planning and make a final decision about what the theme of our mod is, since we would like more people’s input. But we have made a great start!

Reminder: on Saturday 5 March, there will be no ModderDojo stream as both Alex and I happen to be travelling.


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