Unity – Week 7


This week we started with a very short demonstration of some additional C# concepts, building on what we’d done last week.

After that, we continued with Roll-A-Ball.

We quickly finished off our walls and moved on to the Pick Up objects.

Pick Up objects are small cubes that float over the paying surface and that rotate to catch the user’s attention.

We added one Pick Up object and made it rotate. After that, we made it a “prefab”. Setting a property on one prefab object will automatically replicate that setting to all other prefabs of the same type. We didn’t take advantage of that this week, but we will next week.

We duplicated our Pick Up object and arranged twelve of them around our playing surface.

Next Week

Next week we’ll hopefully have enough momentum to finish off Roll-A-Ball completely.

After that we will start on some terrain modelling basics.

To be ready for terrain modelling basics, please be sure to have imported the standard assets package into a new empty project in Unity. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Unity and create an empty 3D project, call it “Amazing Racer”
  2. Under the Windows menu in Unity, open the “Assets Store”
  3. In the “Assets Store” look for the “Unity Essentials” category
  4. Under “Unity Essentials”, find “Standard Assets” and import them

This process takes quite a bit of bandwidth and time, so you will need to have this done before coming to Dojo next week.

See you all then!

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