Taster Session Week 4 – Unity 3D


For our fourth taster session, on next Saturday 17th October, we’ll be giving an introduction to Unity. Unity is a cross-platform game engine which has been used to create many successful games.

In preparation for next week please:

  1. Go to the unity website: www.unity3D.com
  2. Click the “Get Unity 5” button
  3. Download and install the free “Personal Edition”
  4. Run Unity once and register an account – you will need your email address

We will be trying to build as much as possible of the “Roll-a-ball” demo that I showed in our introductory session. Ongoing participation in the Unity group will require a good understanding of advanced programming concepts, but for the taster session, we will try to keep that stuff to a minimum so everyone can follow along and have fun.


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